Sky Solar Energy

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Sky Solar Energy

Sky Solar Energy is one of the fastest growing clean energy solution providers in Australia.

We pride ourselves on being a company that provides excellent customer service using only the highest quality products.

Our experienced team members are professionals who are accredited with the Clean Energy Council, and together we design and install systems personalise according to your specific needs. The most important part is offering a solar P.V system that is most efficient to your premise and a system that will generate maximum output.

Our research and development team are constantly at the forefront of the solar industry, they keep us informed of any government changes or new upcoming product knowledge. This is a great benefit as our team is always knowledgeable and we pass those benefits onto you, our valued customers.

We make solar installations ‘nice & easy’ by taking the stress and workload off our customers and taking care of every avenue of the installation ourselves.

Through extensive business relations with other industry leaders such as SMA, Sky Solar Energy provides only the best products at the most affordable prices.

Our professional installation teams are all accredited Clean Energy Council installers who are skilled and have many years of experience in the solar industry. All of our installers are professionals who provide only the highest quality installation with a customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Our motto at Sky Solar Energy is to Provide Tomorrow’s Energy Solutions Today, so that we can all look forward to a Cleaner, Brighter Future.




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